Creating a fragrance is both an art and a science.

We bring these worlds together in our extensive sampling portfolio – from ScentStrip® to scented paper, vials to rollerballs and beyond.

Artisanal and highly customizable packaging

Impeccable fragrance rendition

Fragrance delivery versatility

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Active Release Microfragrance®

Active Release Microfragrance®

A fun and engaging way to sample, where a fragrance rendition is activated and released into the air only when a consumer scratches or rubs the surface of the paper.

  • Highly customizable
  • Interactive and playful
  • Supports a wide variety of distribution


Carestia's heritage in craftsmanship produces premium blotters, complete with luxury design, artisanal craftsmanship, and superior fragrance diffusion.

  • Use of specialty papers and ink results in a long-lasting rendition
  • Higher quantity of fragrance retained on the Carestia fragrance strip (25-30%) vs. the competitive fragrance strip (20%)
  • Highly customizable for unique, intricate detailing

Deluxe Mini / Replica

A miniature version that conveys the beauty of the original retail package design.

  • Beautiful recreation of the original package design
  • Premium and luxe
  • Ideal for Promotional or Deluxe sampling


The most cost-effective label technology for fine fragrance and personal care, DiscCover® is a long-lasting sampling solution perfect for a wide range of applications.

  • Allows for multiple trials
  • Controlled-release sample
  • Can be affixed to nearly any surface or paper stock


A concentrate of fragrance blended with resin, poured onto a printed adhesive support​.

  • Can be reattached multiple times
  • Quality fragrance rendition
  • The unique presence makes for an impressive experience to the consumer


An Arcade Beauty patented technology, LiquaTouch® is a label technology that samples the true fragrance which can be applied directly onto skin with an applicator.

  • Samples the actual fragrance
  • Applicator allows for direct application onto skin
  • Dual and triple versions available to sample multiple fragrances

Other Scented Support from Carestia

Carestia's heritage in craftsmanship produces exquisite scented products, complete with luxury design, artisanal details, and superior fragrance diffusion.

  • Highly customizable
  • Artisanal craftsmanship
  • Faithful fragrance rendition


Convenient, portable way to experience products on-the-go.

  • Portable
  • Can be assembled and packaged as retail set
  • Single rollerballs can be sold as retail products

Scented Paper

Carestia's heritage in craftsmanship produces exquisite scented paper, complete with luxury design, artisanal details, and superior fragrance diffusion.

  • The reproduction of the fragrance is guaranteed by the use of specific papers (FSC certified) and alcohol-resistant odorless inks which are environmentally compliant
  • With luxury design and superior diffusion, scented paper is a uniquely premium and memorable gesture
  • Fragrance diffuses instantly when scented paper is exposed to air


A versatile and customizable sample, ScentSeal® offers a more sensorial fragrance experience, with a gel formula applied directly onto skin.

  • Controlled-release sample
  • Direct application onto skin, allowing fragrance to unfold
  • Can be affixed to nearly any surface or paper stock


The most cost-efficient sample to distribute a quality rendition of fine fragrance. Arcade Beauty pioneered this technology in 1979 and continues to produce this popular sample which captures the true essence of fragrance.

  • Samples a variety of fragrance products, including fine fragrance
  • Best for maximum reach
  • Supports a wide variety of distribution; ideal for magazines and catalogs

Spray Pen

A portable spray for enjoying fragrance on-the-go, this sample format offers a wide range of options for both promotional and full size retail products.

  • Portable
  • Range of fills allows for sizing that accommodates both promotional trial and retail products
  • Ideal to showcase fragrance portfolio sets
Thermoform / Blister

Thermoform / Blister

A more rigid, structured sample for use in all beauty categories, thermoform/blister is highly customizable with a range of shapes, features, and applicators. Samples can be assembled in multiples for deluxe presentation and can also be sold at retail.

  • Offers full application of product
  • Multiples can be assembled and packaged for retail sale
  • Highly customizable in shapes, opening features and applicators
Vial / Vial-On-Card

Vial / Vial-On-Card

The most cost-efficient, multiple use sample to distribute actual fragrance, vial/vial-on-card can also be used to sample products such as serums and oils and can have different closures.

  • Multi-use
  • Can have different fill ranges and different closures
  • Multiple vials can be assembled and packaged as retail set
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