Our wide range of technologies provide perfect solutions for all haircare needs from styling and treatment products to shampoos and conditioners.

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3D Pouch

3D Pouch

Our 3D Pouch comes with a resealable screw cap​ comes in a wide range of fills and customizable shapes. Can be sold at retail as one time use or as an eco-friendly, refillable solution.

  • Wide fill range from 5ml to 1 liter
  • Highly customizable
  • Refillable and eco-friendly


Our patented technology is an elegant, easy-to-use sample offering a full product application. Multiple BeautiPod® samples on one card can highlight a complete skincare regimen or color story.

  • Sample is always attached to product information, usage, and directions
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Hygienic sample


The most cost-effective label technology for fine fragrance and personal care, DiscCover® is a long-lasting sampling solution perfect for a wide range of applications.

  • Allows for multiple trials
  • Controlled-release sample
  • Can be affixed to nearly any surface or paper stock


Suitable to open and neatly dispense any liquid product, Easysnap® is an innovative patented and revolutionary single-use packaging concept for liquid and emulsion beauty products.

  • Why We Love It
  • Easy to use, one-handed system
  • Hygienic
Packette / Sachet

Packette / Sachet

Packettes are perfect for distributing a wide variety of products. They are highly customizable in shape, size, decoration, material and finish.

  • Best for maximum reach
  • Appropriate for a wide range of formulas: liquid, cream, powder, and even objects (towelettes, rollerballs, vials, etc)
  • Can accommodate larger volumes, up to 20ml
Thermoform / Blister

Thermoform / Blister

A more rigid, structured sample for use in all beauty categories, thermoform/blister is highly customizable with a range of shapes, features, and applicators. Samples can be assembled in multiples for deluxe presentation and can also be sold at retail.

  • Offers full application of product
  • Multiples can be assembled and packaged for retail sale
  • Highly customizable in shapes, opening features and applicators


The most cost-efficient, multiple use sample to distribute actual fragrance, vial/vial-on-card can also be used to sample products such as serums and oils and can have different closures.

  • Multi-use
  • Can have different fill ranges and different closures
  • Multiple vials can be assembled and packaged as retail set
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