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An Arcade Beauty patented technology, LiquaTouch® is a label technology that samples the true fragrance which can be applied directly onto skin with an applicator. Dual and triple versions are available for sampling multiple fragrances.

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Multi-Use, Promotional, Retail Size, Deluxe

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In-Store, E-Commerce, Promotional/GWP

Why we love it

  • Samples the actual fragrance
  • Applicator allows for direct application onto skin
  • Dual and triple versions available to sample multiple fragrances

Our proprietary LiquaTouch® technology infuses the actual fragrance into an enclosed applicator pad, which is then sealed between two layers of material. When pulled apart, the applicator is then used for a luxe application onto skin. Hermetically sealed to ensure no pre-release of the fragrance, LiquaTouch® can be designed with single, dual, or triple chambers in a variety of sizes. This is a dripless, spill-proof sample that can be a cost-effective alternative to fragrance vials. LiquaTouch® is designed for U.S. Postal Service approval for subscription magazine rates.



Sample Type

Single-Use, Multi-Use

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Magazine, E-Commerce, Direct Mail, In-Store

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